African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog

I’m going to tell you about the African wild Dog because I think it is a very special animal. Previously lots of people saw it as vermin– like how we see rats– and people did not like them. Their home’s are being destroyed by other animals and humans which makes it hard for them to raise their babies. Some African painted wolf’s (another name for the wild dog) are dangerous.

Also some painted wolf’s can get hurt by other animals- like an animal bigger than them might rip off a leg or their tail. They eat big and small animals. The human’s, who are trying to help them, give animal necklace’s so they could track them and find them to see if they are ok.

The collar’s check their heart so they don’t die. Baby painted wolf’s drink from their mum’s under body which means that they are a mammal. Painted wolf parents have a responsibility to protect their young.

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