Carnival Opinions

Carnival Opinions

I think CARNIVALS are beautiful because there are many colourful dresses and     facemasks. Some people even disguise as CHICKENS!!!. Some people don`t like carnivals because they don`t like disguising as others things especially with CHICKENS FACE MASK on their head! Some people find the Carnivals too noisy and busy.

In Nottinghill, it is a very nice place to go to have a carnival. You can dress up in many different COLOURS. It does not have to be matching clothes!! They also have a children’s day when children get to dress up. I think it is good to have a children’s day out because they get to play out and talk to their friends while learning about different cultures by listening to the music, eating the food and dancing!

In my opinion, if you have to dance, you just have to let yourself go, and go WITH THE FLOW– then you enjoy yourself more. The carnival party calendar, is rich and diversified– there are Carnivals all over the world– some enormous and some small. I think that this is great because there is a Carnival for everyone. You can go to COACHELLA in Coachella Los   Angles you have to have different colours on you. Like green ,pink and yellow.

If you want to go into a dance competition, there is a person who is at one end and the other at the other end and you start to dance as well as you can.   Judges then decide who is the winner. I think that this is a great idea for people who take their dancing very seriously as it gives them a chance to shine!


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