Carnivals around the world

Carnivals around the world


Hello! Welcome to an interesting blog about Carnivals! If you don’t know what carnivals are, they are colourful, festive celebrations! They usually occur before Lent. There are Carnivals all over the world, some are enormous and some are really small but they all celebrate different cultures.

You can dance, eat, and look at the beautiful costumes they make! The costumes are very extravagant! They have feathers, glitter and     rhinestones! There are many pretty headdresses too! They have lots of sparkle and colourful feathers. There are also masks you can wear to hide your identity.

Now lets look at the dancing! They do a lot of salsa dancing in South American Carnivals. They have up to 6 -7 samba schools. All Carnivals will involve dancing ;usually reflecting the culture of the country or people holding the event.

In Carnivals, there are a lot of people. In the famous Rio De Janeiro   carnival, there are more than 2,000,000 people on the streets. Also , in the Notting Hill Carnival there are near 1,000,000 people . That’s a lot of people!


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