Specific facts about Carnivals

Specific facts about Carnivals

*  The Carnival of Cadiz’s costumes relate to recent news. For example, in 2006,there was a bird flu epidemic so people were disguised as chickens!!!

*In Brazil, their Carnivals are held exactly forty days before Easter.

*The Brazilian Carnival is a major part of Brazilian culture. It started in 1641,when John IV of Portugal was crowned king and parties were   celebrated in streets.

*The carnival of Santa Cruz holds a Guinness record for the largest concert (and that’s a really rewarding achievement).

*The world’s largest Carnival is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

*The Carnival in Venice, Italy, is most famous for its distinctive masks. It was first held in 1268 but halted in 1798 because Austria took control of the city. It was revived in the 20th century.

*The roots of the carnival were traced over to the Romans and Greeks.  This means they held carnivals too!


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