Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

Animals die because of plastic waste, and do you know how many a year…? 100 million marine animals!!! That is because of this plastic pollution. Specifically, 100,000 dolphins and whales die each year. Others such as: sea lions, sea turtles, sea birds, fish, are affected too! That is horrible, isn’t it?

Wait a minute… a whale can actually die because of plastic!?UNBELIEVABLE!!!

1,000,000 SEA BIRDS DIE FROM PLASTIC also! 1 in 3 turtles die because of plastic!  I need to calm down!

On the  internet, we read something called,  No Plastic Oceans. It really upset us.  About 100,000 pounds of plastic goes into the sea every 1-2 seconds. There are 18 BILLION pounds of plastic in the sea RIGHT NOW. WHAT!? In some countries, plastic straws are the main cause of death in the sea. There are now five plastic ‘islands’ in the oceans, and that is very bad for all sea creatures!


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