What are SATs?

What are SATs?

SATs are very important tests to see how much you have developed through out primary school. They also help you to get good life skills in jobs for tricky situations. Children all over the world take SATs in years 2 and 6(6-7 and 10-11). The main tests in SATs are English, maths, grammar and reading. SATs are seen as a big threat to school education, but I don’t think that. The Green Party, is planning to get rid of all SATs and the Labour party, run by Jeremy Corbyn, agrees with this idea.

What happens during the time of SATs?

When you are taking your SATs test you get 65 minutes on your reading session, 10 minute break, 35 minute English and 25 minutes on your math test. This is good as it is a good chance for teachers to see how much the child has developed over the course of primary school.


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